Adults - Geneva Centre for Autism


In-Person Adult Social Club

May 28th 12:12 AM - Sep 22nd 8:00 PM

Adult Social Club encourages participants to build friendships and explore new activities through weekly in person sessions.  These sessions provide a supported setting for participants engage in various activities alongside peers. Activities may include:  neighbourhood exploration, movie nights, outdoor summer events facilitated near Geneva Centre for Autism, safe COVID parties, and much more. 

Remote Community Options Program

May 22nd 2020 - May 20th 2031

The Community Options Program is designed for individuals who desire to become more involved within their community. The goal of the program is to empower adults with ASD to achieve their goals through community involvement and increasing independence. Working with a dedicated facilitator,...

Person Directed Planning Without Implementation

May 22nd 2020 - May 20th 2031

Person directed planning (PDP) help individuals think about their lives, goals, strengths and talents. This service is designed to help create meaningful life goals and develop community connections.Examples of individualized goals include: finding volunteer, employment and/or education...

PEERSĀ® Young Adults

Jun 2nd 2022 - Jun 1st 2030

While we practice social distancing, it is important that we practice ways to stay connected with one another.  PEERS® online, is a social skills group meant for socially motivated young adults to learn the skills necessary to make and keep meaningful friendships while staying socially...

Employment Consultation

May 26th 2021 - May 26th 2028

The Remote Employment Consultation program is designed for youth and adults who desire to prepare and operate within the workforce. The goal of the program is to provide youth and adults with the skills required to prepare, obtain, and maintain employment.Working with a dedicated employment...