Children - Geneva Centre for Autism


Caregiver & Child Groups

Jul 20th 2023 - Jul 20th 2032

These caregiver mediated groups teach caregivers strategies for developing early communication skills through play.  Caregivers will work with an ABA Coach (Registered Behaviour Technician) to teach functional communication skills, so learning continues everywhere! Communication...

ABA Social Skills

May 17th 2023 - May 30th 2030

ABA Social Skills groups aims to build a foundation for critical skills needed to develop and maintain friendships and social interactions as well as participate in school and community activities. Through the use of lessons, storybooks, play and music, children will explore various social skills...

ABA Classrooms

Sep 15th 2022 - Jan 31st 2030

The ABA Classroom and Getting Ready for Group skill building programs aim to prepare children to learn in a classroom-style environment by providing opportunities to follow routines, practice school readiness skills, engage in social games, and learn new individualized skills. ABA Classroom...

Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI)

Oct 19th 2020 - Oct 23rd 2030

IBI is a treatment program for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It is based on the science of changing behaviour called Applied Behaviour Analysis. IBI is an intensive way of teaching your child new skills in all areas of development. The goal is to significantly improve your child’s level of development. 

Social Clubs

Sep 27th 2023 - Jun 15th 2024

After School Social Club is a program that provides recreational opportunities for socially motivated children and youth on the Autism Spectrum while also providing caregivers with a planned break. Participants will have exposure to social, recreational and leisure opportunities in a group environment while practicing social skills with peers!


Aug 24th 2022 - Jun 3rd 2032

Respite is a recreational program that supports children and youth on the Autism Spectrum and provides caregivers with a planned break. Participants will have exposure to social, recreational and leisure opportunities in a group environment. Respite staff use the principles of Applied Behaviour...