Caregiver & Child Groups

Jul 20th 2023 - Jul 20th 2032
Ages:2-5 years
Location:Virutal and in person (164 Merton Street)

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These caregiver mediated groups teach caregivers strategies for developing early communication skills through play.  Caregivers will work with an ABA Coach (Registered Behaviour Technician) to teach functional communication skills, so learning continues everywhere! 

Services can be purchased using your OAP funding, out-of-pocket, or other sources.

Communication Through Play (adapted from Project ImPACT)
This program teaches caregivers behavioural strategies to increase social communication skills through play.   The ABA coach will work with the caregiver, through group and individualized coaching sessions, to identify and practice strategies to enhance their child’s priority goals.  Caregivers will learn strategies to build new skills at home during play and daily routines.  

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS®)
This program supports caregivers in teaching their child functional communication using the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS ®).   Caregivers will learn about the 6 phases of PECS ®, and receive individualized coaching from their ABA Coach to implement PECS ® with their child.  Topics covered include how to teach spontaneous requests, expanding language, responding to questions and commenting. 

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