Social Stories

COVID-19 Social Stories

Social Stories may help to explain new social rules for new or changing routines, such as during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

For your child, you may use words and/or pictures to:

  • help to explain what is happening (“The virus can make people feel sick”)
  • explain that some activities are not available (“my school/park/pool is closed”)
  • rules for the situation (“I need to wash my hands often”)
  • coping strategies (“I can call my friends instead”)
  • activities or items that are still available (“I can read, watch TV and play in my backyard”)

You can find some examples created by our staff here, or you can create your own to suit the specific needs of your child!


School is Closed Social Story


COVID19/Corona Social Story

COVID-19/Corona Social Story


COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Testing Social Story