Our History

Our Story

It all began in 1974 in Toronto

In 1974, a 3 1/2-week residential camp was created for a group of 20 children with autism in Toronto. The name for the camp was inspired by an International Conference on Autism that took place in Geneva, Switzerland. This residential camp then became the primary program that took place every summer for the next three years.

Monthly follow-up program across Ontario...

In 1977, the government granted a follow-up program that allowed staff to travel across Ontario, to visit homes of camp participants once every month.

In the year 1983, a research revealed that while camp participants made great strides during the camp program and monthly visits, they were struggling without continued support throughout the year.

Transition to a full service agency!

In 1984, the centre decided to re-direct its funding to a broader range of year-round non-residential services, and the government was very supportive. The transition began in 1984. Geneva Centre for Autism started to change from a small-scale residential camp into a full-service agency and resource centre.

In 1991, Geneva Centre for Autism created the Training Institute to promote community awareness and education on ASD. Only when communities are armed with the knowledge and understanding can they fully recognize the need for appropriate accommodations and support.

Today, we serve over 3,000 families in Toronto, providing a holistic service to individuals with ASD, offering various clinical programs and services that stem from the latest evidence-based clinical practices.

Our commitment to inclusion for all people is further reflected in the various social events and parties throughout the year, bringing families together.

We provide cutting-edge research and training through our training institute and annual symposium. Our International Autism Symposium, a 3-day conference, brings in top researchers and professionals from around the world to discuss the latest findings and strategies in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Our training institute has progressed into an online digital platform known as Sonderly which provides high-quality training in over 94 countries. This curated online training empowers teachers with the effective skills and strategies in a class room setting.