Youth - Geneva Centre for Autism



Apr 16th 2020 - Apr 16th 2040

Are you new to Geneva Centre for Autism? Do you live in Toronto (postal code starting with M)? Have you or your child recently received a diagnosis of ASD? Please complete the online intake form to access our programs and services.

Parent Support Groups

Apr 6th 2021 - Apr 16th 2040

Parent Support Groups are an interactive space for parents to connect, share resources and ask each other questions. Social Workers may offer some content and strategies based on the topic and will help to facilitate the conversation amongst participants. 

Children & Youth Social Club

Oct 21st 2020 - Oct 21st 2030

Remote Social Club gives children and youth a platform to connect with similar-aged peers on an ongoing basis using Zoom for Healthcare. Lightly facilitated by a Geneva Centre group services staff, the Social Club will be a limited structure meeting where participants can login to connect with...

Weekend Respite

Oct 21st 2020 - Dec 20th 2040

Respite is a program that provides caregivers with a planned break and supports indivduals on the Autism spectrum in a safe and engaging centre based program.  Participants will have exposure to social, recreational and leisure opportunities in a group environment. Respite staff use the...

PEERSĀ® Adolescents

Jul 14th 2020 - Sep 3rd 2040

While we practice social distancing, it is important that we practice ways to stay connected with one another.   PEERS® online is a social skills group meant for socially motivated teens to learn the skills necessary to make and keep meaningful friendships while staying socially engaged...

Remote Summer Camp

May 12th 2021 - May 12th 2031

Remote Summer Camp offers participants and families the opportunity to check in daily with Geneva Centre staff and engage in structured facilitated activities. Themed program plans will be provided to all families in advance, giving participants the opportunity to drop in for specific sessions...

Bridges Summer Camp

May 12th 2021 - May 12th 2025

Bridges Summer Camp is a two week funded camp that promises to be a fun time for all! Staff provide campers with the opportunity to develop camp-readiness skills, follow typical camp routines and activities and build their skills! Camp activities provide participants with opportunities to...

Employment Consultation

May 26th 2021 - May 26th 2028

The Remote Employment Consultation program is designed for youth and adults who desire to prepare and operate within the workforce. The goal of the program is to provide youth and adults with the skills required to prepare, obtain, and maintain employment.Working with a dedicated employment...