Children & Youth Social Club - Geneva Centre for Autism

Children & Youth Social Club

Oct 21st 2020 - Oct 21st 2030
Ages:5-8, 9-12, &13-17 (groups based on age cohort)
Ratio:1:3 (One facilitator for three participants)
Location:Online (Zoom for Healthcare)
Notes:To register please visit MyCommunityHub.

Remote Social Club gives children and youth a platform to connect with similar-aged peers on an ongoing basis using Zoom for Healthcare. Lightly facilitated by a Geneva Centre group services staff, the Social Club will be a limited structure meeting where participants can login to connect with peers, play some games, discuss shared interests, and see some new and familiar faces.

Caregiver participation is not required, just login and allow your child the opportunity to socialize the session away while you take time for yourself!