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Autism Spectrum in the Classroom

Over the course of the two days, participants will develop a common understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through engagement in activities, videos, and group discussion.  Part One begins with the exploration and sharing of educators’ many roles, and the impact they have on the success of students with ASD.  Participants will spend the day exploring the components of communication, social understanding, sensory processing and anxiety. Strategies designed to effectively support these areas will be shared and examined.

In Part Two, participants will expand their understanding of the components of ASD to include the areas of cognitive processing and behaviour.  Specifically, the importance of understanding the role that executive function plays in daily school life will be highlighted.  Participants will also learn how to recognize and address the individual learning styles of their students.  After learning strategies to support the components of ASD, behaviour will be discussed.  The critical principles of reinforcement, prompting, generalization and how to objectively define behaviour will be explored.  Through the use of case studies, participants will practise developing a proactive support plan based on the knowledge and strategies introduced over the two days.

With an enhanced understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder, effective support strategies, and having practised proactive planning, participants will leave the two days equipped with the tools and knowledge to start the school year on the path to success.

  • "I'm a first year CASA teacher and this was amazing for me to come to. [The speaker] was very knowledgeable, an excellent communicator, and more importantly funny!"