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Relationships and Sexuality in ASD

The topics of relationships and sexuality have come a long way since simply learning about the birds and the bees. These fundamental experiences of life are embedded into the ever-changing landscape of our lives. As we grow, we’re continuously discovering the connections that exist between ourselves and those around us; a process that begins early in life. Yet for those on the autism spectrum, the path to learning about social relationships and sexuality is often indirect and incomplete. In this workshop we will highlight how the characteristics of ASD disrupt the early development of social relationships. With consideration of the unique ASD perspective, we will explore how to provide the necessary tools, education, and opportunities for this population to safely learn about and experience a very human phenomenon that many people may take for granted.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will:

  • Discuss the specific challenges towards relationship development in ASD
  • Identify useful relationship development strategies
  • Recognize the need for sexuality education for people with ASD
  • Identify several resources for supporting relationship development in ASD