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Welcome to Youth and Adult Services

Geneva Centre for Autism offers a wide range of services that promote personal choice, growth and independence in support of successful community inclusion. All of our programs are guided by an empowerment oriented approach whereby each individual’s strengths, abilities, and interests are respected and emphasized.

Our Services

Transitioning Youth (Ages 13-18): Our programs for transitionally aged youth focus on providing participants with the pre-vocational skills, social skills, and life skills necessary to navigate the transition into adulthood..

Transitioning Adults (Ages 18+): Our programs for transitionally aged adults focus on providing participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the transition into the workplace and independent living.

Adults (Ages 18+): Our programs for adults focus on providing participants with a well-rounded set of skills needed to facilitate independence in the community, as well as ensure success in the workplace and school environment.

Movie Night: 8 times each year, the Centre hosts a private showing of a recent feature film for individuals with Asperger Syndrome and their families and friends.

Consultation Services: The Training Institute’s Consultation Services are fee-based services designed for parents/caregivers to provide them with alternative options to access appropriate and individualized intervention and support without being on a waitlist.

Financial Assistance: Support provided to explore and access various sources of funding.

Person-Directed Planning: Person-directed planning helps a person with a developmental disability to find the tools and funding they need to live their dreams and meet their goals. Person Directed Planning is a service that is offered through Developmental Services Ontario.


Developmental Services Toronto

Developmental Services Toronto

To find out other services for youth and adults in Toronto,

please visit Developmental Services Ontario Toronto website.

Ready, Willing & Able


Geneva Centre for Autism is proud to host Ready, Willing & Able for the Toronto region. This three-year project is funded by the Government of Canada to increase workforce participation of people with intellectual disabilities or autism spectrum disorder. In its momentous first year, Ready, Willing & Able has established partnerships with employers of all sizes across the country, including Costco Wholesale, Home Depot, and Holloway Lodging.