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Consultation Services

Geneva Centre for Autism Consultation Services are fee-based services designed for parents/caregivers to provide them with alternative options to access appropriate and individualized intervention and support without being on a waitlist.  Our services are provided by qualified clinicians and professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in working with individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families.

Our fee-based consultation services include the following:

  • Diagnostics that include diagnosis and psycho-educational assessment
  • Behavioural and Communication Consultation
  • Speech and Language Services with a written report
  • Occupational Therapy with a written report
  • Home and/or School Consultation
  • Consultation for Customized Resource Development (customized visual aids and related materials)

Contact information:
Geneva Centre for Autism Consultation Services
Geneva Centre for Autism
416 322 7877 ext. 513
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