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Toronto Autism Services

Toronto Autism ServicesWe are committed to ensure all children, youth, and families are supported through a smooth and seamless transition as they enter the new Ontario Autism Program starting June 26, 2017.
In Toronto, the new Ontario Autism Program will be delivered in partnership by Adventure Place, Aisling Discoveries Child and Family Centre, The Etobicoke Children’s Centre, Geneva Centre for Autism, with lead agencies Surrey Place Centre and Kerry’s Place Autism Services.  The partnership will deliver outcome oriented and evidence based behaviour services under the name Toronto Autism Services.

In the Toronto Region families can contact Surrey Place Centre at 416-925-5141, extension 2289, to refer to services for their children and youth as part of the single point of access.  General inquiries about the new Ontario Autism Program can be directed to Surrey Place Centre at 416-925-5141, extension 2700, or the Ministry of Children and Youth Services at 416-327-6790.

For more information about service the program, please visit Ontario Autism Program.

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