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Group Services

Group Services offers a variety of recreational and social skills programs that provides participants an opportunity to engage in social, recreational, and leisure activities. Additionally, staff work towards individualized goals outlined by caregivers such as increasing independence, community safety, and opportunity for peer interactions.

Children (Ages 2-12)

The Respite program is a recreational and play-based program where children have exposure to social, recreational, leisure and theme based activities in a group environment both in the center and in the community. A large focus of our Respite program is community inclusion and integration. Participants will have the opportunity to go for locals walks and outings using the TTC with their group. We offer both partially funded and fee for service evening and weekend respite.

Winter, March, and Summer Camp
During camp, participants will take part in traditional, exciting camp activities, and community events. Our camps provide children with a recreational environment where fun and learning come together in a day of structured activities. Camp activities provide the participants with opportunities to meet their individualized gross motor, fine motor and sensory needs while encouraging communication, socialization and discovery.

Social Skills Groups (1:3 ratio)

We Thinkers (Ages 3-5, 1:3 Ratio)
This program is an introductory social skills program for children between the ages of 3 to 5 years old. The aim of the We Thinkers curriculum is to help young learners build a foundation for social skills development through storybooks, lessons, dramatic play and music. Children will learn about the social mind and social expectations.

Children’s Friendship Training (Ages 6-8, 1:3 Ratio)
Children Friendship Training program teaches participants the different skills to make and keep meaningful friendships. In this evidence based program, participants discuss, role-play and practice social skills through structured play and activities.

Emotional Regulation Groups (1:3 ratio)

Unstuck and On Target (Ages 6-8, 1:3 Ratio)
The Unstuck and On Target curriculum aims to improve flexibility, self-regulation and goal directed behaviour in children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Participants will be introduced to self-regulatory vocabulary, scripts and routines to teach participants the utility of flexibility and develop executive functioning.

Zones of Regulation (Ages 6-8, 1:3 Ratio)
Zones of Regulation is a curriculum that teaches participants self-regulation. The curriculum uses a cognitive behavior approach, and is designed to help participants recognize when they are in different states called "zones" which are represented by four colors. Participants learn coping and regulation strategies so they can help themselves when they are stressed, anxious and/or sad.

Secret Agent Society (Ages 9-12, 1:3 Ratio)
The Secret Agent Society curriculum is designed to improve emotional understanding and social skills. Group sessions consist of a variety of therapeutic games and activities, training participants to be Secret Agent Cadets, who can detect emotions, decode sticky social situations, and rely on Secret Agent Codes to enhance their friendship skills. This program also offers a Teacher Workbook to guide the support and development of the participant’s social skills in the school setting.

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