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Videos for Teens

The following list highlights some informational videos for teens with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

DISCLAIMER: We provide suggestions for videos for information only. The views and opinions of the following videos are not necessarily those of the Geneva Centre for Autism.

A is for Autism
(1/2” VHS, 12 minutes, 1998, Films for the Humanities and Sciences)
This tape offers a short but profound glimpse into Autism with words, drawings and music all contributed by people with Autism. 

Career – Opportunity for Growth
(1/2” VHS, 25 minutes, 1998, Future Horizons, Inc.)
Dr. Temple Grandin provides an overview of potential career options for people with ASD.

Different Journey: The Real Experts
(1/2” VHS, 26 minutes, 1997, Future Horizons, Inc.)
Adults and young adults with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome discuss what it was like to grow up with this challenge and the adaptations they had to make to fit in.  Also includes a discussion on the impact of social deficits on relationships. 

Visual Thinking of a Person with Autism
(1/2” VHS, 25 minutes, 1998, Future Horizons, Inc.)
Dr. Temple Grandin discusses her own perceptions and examples of her life as a visual thinker.

Straight Talk about Autism With Parents and Kids: Adolescent Issues
(1/2” VHS, 40 minutes, 1999, Attainment Company)
Topics include:  teasing, friends, loneliness, social groups, circle of friends, independence and being a person with autism.

Little Help From My Friends: The More Able Levels of Autism
(1/2” VHS, 15 minutes, 1992, Autism Society of British Columbia)
This video depicts two young adults, one in high school and one in University, and discusses what it means to have autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. 

Sensory Challenges and Answers
Dr. Temple Grandin talks about her own personal experiences and the experiences of other people with ASD regarding sensory issues.

Asperger Syndrome: Autism and Obsessive Behaviour
(1/2” VHS, 30 minutes, 1998, Films for the Humanities and Sciences)
This video profiles a young man who is taking graduate-level university courses, but struggles with constant feelings of anxiety which affect his social interactions and many aspects of daily life.  A young boy going through the diagnostic process is also featured.

*Note to Parents and Teens: The videos listed here are available in the Geneva Centre for Autism’s Reference Collection. For more information, call 416-322-7877 ext. 0.