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Websites for Adults

The following list is a brief listing of some helpful websites for adults with an autism spectrum disorder.

DISCLAIMER: We provide links to other Web sites for information only. The views and opinions of the following Web sites are not necessarily those of the Geneva Centre for Autism.

National Autistic Society Web site
This site includes information about Autism and Asperger syndrome and support services available in the UK for people with an ASD, families and professionals.

Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support Web site:
Information about AS, resources; the site also includes a chat room, message board and 'Kids Corner'.

Tony Attwood’s Web site
This website provides resources, publications on the topic of Asperger Syndrome and bibliographic references.

Donna Williams Web site
This Web site was created by Donna Williams, an adult with autism who has written extensively on her personal experiences. The website features her story, artwork and information on her books.

Ontario Adult Autism Research and Support Network
Focusing on adult autism issues in Ontario, the site includes information about resources, treatment options, support strategies and bibliographic references.

Hawkins Institute
Information about employment supports for people with Asperger Syndrome. 

Autism Society Ontario
This Web site includes information, resources, and updates on current events relating to ASD.

Autism Society of America
Providing a wide range of information about autism spectrum disorders including treatment options, educational supports and resources which are available primarily in the United States.