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My World of Autism

by Darcy Gilliland
“Autism is a disorder with several characteristics, such as: thinking differently from others, doing repetitive movements such as hand flap and rocking, having a hard time fitting in with other people, and having a world of your own. For me, being autistic means that I find it hard to fit into conversations, but think in interesting and artistic ways…For me, being autistic means that at times I have a hard time fitting in because I have a tendency to go into my own world, and I am not tuned in to what is going on around me. There are certain people I can relate to better than others, and those I can relate to are my truly close friends."

Stitled Rainbow

by Martine Stonehouse
Life has always been a challenge for me……One of the problems I had in relating to people or my peers was my intense focus on special interests and hobbies. Unless we had a mutual interest in something, it was very difficult for me to communicate. This has been a problem all of my life, the fact that I tend to go on and on about a topic, without knowing when to stop. Today I'm a lot better at catching this habit. For most of my life, my hobby of collecting licence plates is where I was intensely focused. People didn't matter to me during that time; I was more orientated to objects. It was safer but lonely.

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