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Intake Service

play timeThe objective of this service is to provide parents with an understanding of their child’s disorder and facilitate the development of a Service Plan for families who reside in Toronto that focuses on the needs of their child and the priorities of their family.

Central to this process is the opportunity to normalize some of their reactions to the shock of learning about their child’s difficulties, reassuring them that there are other parents who have experienced the same reactions and that there are positive steps they can take to address their child’s developmental needs.

Through phone and face to face contacts, a parent orientation session and written reports, parents are supported in their efforts to regain balance in their life and in parenting a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Family Support

Social Workers are available to meet with families to provide support as needed, by discussing any concerns or issues that the family may be encountering and by helping to empower the family to make choices that will be useful for their child.  The extent of this involvement will be different for each family.

The Social Workers can assist families who reside in Toronto, to monitor the goals established in the Service Plan and facilitate the identification of incremental changes leading to the achievement of their goals.

The Social Workers can also offer detailed information about ASD and treatment options, as well as connecting where they can further expand their knowledge base.

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