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Services for Adults (Age 18+)

The Respite program is a recreational and play-based program where adults have exposure to social, recreational, leisure and theme based activities in a group environment both in the center and in the community. A large focus of our Respite program is community inclusion and integration. Participants will have the opportunity to go for locals walks and outings using the TTC with their group. We offer both partially funded and fee for service weekend respite.

Winter, March, and Summer Camps
During camp, participants will take part in traditional, exciting camp activities, and community events. Our camps provide adults with a recreational environment where fun and learning come together in a day of structured activities. Camp activities provide the participants with opportunities to meet their individualized gross motor, fine motor and sensory needs while encouraging communication, socialization and discovery.

PEERS Young Adults Ages 18-25, 1:3 Ratio)
Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills (PEERS®) program is to teach socially motivated young adults social skills to develop and maintain meaningful relationships with others. In this evidence based social skills program, participants will discuss, problem solve and practice different social interactions to build their confidence in navigating the adult social world. This program is fully funded through the Ontario Trillium Grants through Geneva Centre for Autism.

Community Options Program
The Community Options Program is a goal oriented program that aids in providing support to individuals with an ASD to achieve their individualized goals.  Clients must be able to select their own goals and be willing to work on their goals. Examples may include, navigating supports at a post-secondary institution, supporting individuals with employment readiness, volunteering in the community, and supporting individuals in building healthy relationships. The Community Options Program provides coaching support for 1 to 2 hours per week to assist the individual to reach his/her full potential.

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Day Support Program
The Adult Day Support program provides an opportunity for participants to be with their peers on a weekly basis, to learn to make choices, to increase independence, and work on individualized goals. Additionally, participants will engage in social, recreational, and leisure activities. The Day Program runs Monday through Friday 9am- 3pm.

Social Club
In this member driven group, participants vote on weekly events both onsite and in the community. Community events might include sporting events, dinners, movies and exploring the sights and sounds of the city. Onsite participants are encouraged and supported in building friendships through social activities. Clients must be completely independent within the group on-site and in the community during outings.

Person Directed Planning
A Person Directed Plan is a plan directed by you, with the assistance of a facilitator, that supports your strengths and helps you create as life plan that meets your distinct needs and goals. These plans can help you make the most of your funding and outline ways to participate in community activities.

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Youth Job Connections @ GCA
The Youth Job Connection (YJC) @ GCA is a collaboration between Geneva Centre and Acces Employment to provide pre-employment training for individuals between the ages of 18- 29 years, with a diagnosis of ASD. The program will assist with:

  • Improving your resume and practicing your interview skills
  • Participating in networking opportunities with employers that are hiring
  • Using social media to give you a job search advantage
  • Learning how to profile your experience and education
  • Finding a paid job or placement through ACCES’s network of employers

Additional financial supports may be available as you are completing the training for this program

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