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Proloquo2Go(tm) is a new product from AssistiveWare that provides a full-featured communication solution for people who have difficulty speaking. It brings natural sounding text-to-speech voices, up-to-date symbols, powerful automatic conjugations, a default vocabulary of over 7000 items, full expandability and extreme ease of use to the iPhone and iPod touch.

Connective Technology Solutions

With an introductory price of US$ 149 [ 1], Proloquo2Go is a perfect solution for anyone who cannot afford spending thousands of dollars on an AAC device and yet wants a solution that in terms of sheer communication power and easy of use rivals solutions typically priced over 10 times as high. It is also perfect for teenagers and young adults who want a device as cool as the iPhone or iPod touch. Not to mention, this a great solution for children and adults with autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, developmental disabilities, or apraxia.
Proloquo2Go can also serve adults with acquired disabilities such as ALS, stroke or traumatic brain injury. It can be a useful solution in hospital and rehabilitation settings.

"Proloquo2Go allows the user, especially tween, teen and young adult users, to be "just like the other kids" in terms of carrying something everyone else carries. I am so impressed with the language and cognitive pieces of the software."