Parent Education and Training - Geneva Centre for Autism

Parent Education and Training

Parent Support Groups

Apr 6th 2021 - Apr 16th 2040

Parent Support Groups are an interactive space for parents to connect, share resources and ask each other questions. Social Workers may offer some content and strategies based on the topic and will help to facilitate the conversation amongst participants. 

Crisis Management for Caregivers

Jun 11th 2020 - Jun 18th 2030

This interactive course was developed to provide caregivers strategies to safely manage risk behaviours at home. Using Zoom for Healthcare, caregivers will participate in small interactive group sessions facilitated by a certified Crisis Prevention and Intervention: Advanced Physical Skills (CPI -...

Recorded Workshops

Oct 21st 2020 - Oct 21st 2040

Recorded Workshops are available free to parents/caregivers of Geneva Centre for Autism clients aged 0-18 years old.