ABA Classroom - Geneva Centre for Autism

ABA Classroom

Sep 29th 2021 - Mar 31st 2022
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Ratio:1:3 (one facilitator for three participants)
Location:164 Merton Street
Notes:To find out more information please contact coreservices@autism.net

The ABA classroom is a group-based program that uses the principles of ABA and is offered at a 1:3 ratio. This program aims to prepare children to learn and participate in a classroom style environment. These service packages provide children opportunities to increase independence, follow routines and instructions within a group setting. In addition this group will increase social opportunities through targeted activities and social games.
Our Comprehensive (3 days/week), and Intensive (5 days/week) packages are designed to provide your child with school readiness skills to be successful in a classroom.  Goal setting is determined by the level of intensity of the program (number of days/hours per week).

Comprehensive         Intensive
   6 months                 6 months
 3 days/week          5 days/week
  6 hours/day           6 hours/day
    1:3 ratio                   1:3 ratio
    $23,760                    $39,600