Secret Agent Society - Geneva Centre for Autism

Secret Agent Society

Jul 13th 2020 - Sep 3rd 2030
Ratio:1:4 (one facilitator for four participants)
Facility:Online (Zoom for Healthcare)
Notes:Fall session is currently full. Please check back in November for Winter session dates!

While we practice social distancing, it is important that we practice ways to stay self-regulate and learn coping strategies. The Secret Agent Society curriculum is designed to improve the emotional understanding and social skills. Group sessions consist of a variety of therapeutic games and activities, training participants to be Secret Agent Cadets, who are able to detect emotions, decode sticky social situations, and rely on Secret Agent Codes to enhance their friendship skills.

Topics Explored: Recognizing emotions, expressing feelings, coping with anger and anxiety, playing with peers, building and maintaining friendships, coping with making mistakes and bullying.