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Social Skills

Social SkillNavigating simple social interactions that most of us take for granted, such as making eye contact with another person, are difficult for most children and youth with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Social skills training enables children and youth with ASD, to participate more fully with their peers, teachers, parents, as well as, later on in life, at work and within their community.

Geneva Centre for Autism’s Social Skills-Building Program provides young people with autism aged 3 to 18 with basic social skills. They learn sharing, turn-taking, expressing emotions and general social interaction as well as coping with teasing and bullying and dealing with anxiety and change.

Two years ago, our son, Nicholas, was diagnosed with autism. This past Fall, Nicholas joined one of the social skill-building groups and he made me so proud. When I think back to the smile on his face because he knew he was going to see his Geneva ‘teachers’ and friends and I think back to the wonderful accomplishments he made, I still have tears in my eyes.

Nicholas began school this year and lots of transitions happened for him. With Geneva by his side to give him the tools to begin socializing with his peers at school, this will be with him forever.
– Debbie Santangelo

Help Us Meet the Increasing Demand

Our Social Skills-Building Programs receive no government funding and are entirely dependent upon dollars raised by corporations, foundations and individual donors.

As the diagnostic rate of autism rises, so does the need for social skills building programs. Right now the need far exceeds the generosity of our current donors. To meet the current demand, we need your support now.

Please make a difference in a child’s life today by making a donation to our social skills building programs.