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Give the Gift of Communication

Give an iPad with Autism Apps to a Child in Need - $550

The ability to speak is a skill that is often significantly impaired in children with autism; for some it is delayed and for others it may never develop.

Portable and easy to use, your gift of an iPad will help a child learn to communicate like never before. With a simple touch on a picture, an image will speak for them, even allowing them to put together full sentences.

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Give the Gift of Time

Winter Breaks Respite Camp
Summer Adventure Camp for Families in Need - $125/day or $600/week

The Zone Adventure Camp provides children and youth with autism with the opportunity to learn and practice social skills in a fun, supportive and encouraging camp environment, while providing families with a break and some well-earned time to themselves.

Campers are motivated to interact and learn through games, singing, making crafts, and day trips to Toronto attractions like the Toronto Zoo and Centre Island.

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Give the Gift of Independence

Job TrainingJob Training for Young Adults in Need - $75

Today, less than 15% of adults with autism in Ontario are employed fulltime, but many more have the capacity to be.

Providing a six month blend of classroom instruction and hands-on vocational training, the Culinary Program, Pathways of Extended Learning helps young adults with autism find and maintain meaningful employment upon graduation.

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Give the Gift of Healthy Living

Sports Equipment
Give Sports Programs to Children in Need - $25 and up

Children and youth with autism often do not have the same opportunities to play sports and join teams that their typical siblings and peers may have, due to underdeveloped social skills, gross motor skills and limited community support.

Your generous gift will help provide greater access to life-changing sports and recreation programs like our Trailblazers Track & Field Championships, Toronto's only track and field competition for children and youth with autism.

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Gifts made through Gifts of Hope are donations towards the highest priority needs of Geneva Centre for Autism. The values, services, equipment and programs described here are representative of many of our requirements.
Our charitable registration number is 86866 4640 RR0001.