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21 How can I meet other families?
22 What services are offered for individuals over 18 years of age?
23 What services are offered for families of children 6 to 18 years of age?
24 What services are offered for families of children 2 to 6 years of age?
25 What is IBI and is it the same as ABA?
26 I have not been in contact with Geneva Centre for Autism services for years. How can I start ?
27 How can I get a diagnosis?
28 What books do you recommend and where can I buy them?
29 How can I get names of Licensed Private Service Providers?
30 I am a student; how can I get information about Autism Spectrum Disorder?
31 What is the Training Institute and what services do they provide?
32 How can I support Geneva Centre for Autism?
33 What is membership? Do I have to be a member of Geneva Centre for Autism to use the services?
34 Does Geneva Centre for Autism have a library?
35 I am interested in accessing clinical services from Geneva Centre for Autism, where do I start?
36 Can I purchase services at Geneva Centre for Autism?
37 Can I direct my donation to a specific purpose?
38 How is Geneva Centre for Autism funded?
39 Is there a fee for the programs and services offered by Geneva Centre for Autism?
40 Who can use the clinical services at Geneva Centre for Autism?

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