GCA Presents The Shift: Empowering Your Sex-Esteem - Geneva Centre for Autism

GCA Presents The Shift: Empowering Your Sex-Esteem

Nov 4th

Event Details

Empowering Your Sex-Esteem: Exploring the language related to sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. 

Join us and learn about why we should all take the time to respect and learn everyone’s name and pronoun, celebrate self-expression and what is the importance of gender identity. 

November 4, 12:00PM - 1:00PM EDT

What you will learn

  • Explain what is the difference is between sexual identity, orientation and gender expression
  • Learn what Two-Spirit means and the historical reference
  • Identify the three dimensions of sexual orientation
  • Identify where to find resources are to advocate for gender identity and expression

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Speaker: Deanna Djos: Sexual Health Promotor for the Relationship Group in Toronto. She has spent over a decade teaching the importance of empowering sex esteem by ensuring everyone understands the value of self-awareness, love and celebrating their sexuality. Deanna provides the tools and resources to ensure that everyone has the power to prevent abuse, advocate with assertiveness while ensuring that everyone is aware of Domestic Human Trafficking in Ontario. Deanna believes that knowledge is power and access to sex education is a basic human right, and she is passionately teaching for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities within Toronto and across the province.

Speaker: Gabe Wertman-Parris: Gabe Wertman-Parris, Self-advocate, son, brother, friend, athlete, musician and a huge Raptor and Leaf's fan!  Gabe believes that everyone's voice is important. Gabe is supported at Montage in his own apartment in Toronto.  He is proud of his independence and the difference he makes in his community, every day!

Geneva Centre for Autism Presents The Shift

Geneva Centre for Autism has envisioned a new and exciting free virtual series targeting the neurodiverse community, parents & caregivers, educators, healthcare & public service professionals.  

"The Shift” invites leading industry experts alongside community members to deep dive into diverse topics, allowing viewers to expand their own understanding, challenge pre-existing beliefs, stay on top of the latest research and build their resource toolbox.  

These 1-hour interactive sessions present a range of perspectives and expertise aimed to increase meaningful change, expand the dialogue and empower our neurodiverse community to thrive, one “shift” at a time.  

 Topics & themes we look forward to covering: 

  • Sexuality & Relationships
  • Mental Health
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Diagnosis & Medication
  • Employment Success
  • Financial Support & Security
  • Education Advocacy
  • BIPOC & Healthcare
  • Online Safety
  • LGBT2SQ+ & Neurodiverse Communities