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Exploring Canadian Autism Numbers

About 1 in every 50 (2%) Canadians is autistic.

Although 2% may not seem significant, it translates to one person in your class, 400 people watching a game with you, and numerous individuals navigating the airport.  You may be aware of Autism, but do you know how to be a better neighbour, friend, coworker, or passerby to someone with Autism?  Here are some ways you can celebrate autism and contribute to the acceptance and inclusion of the autism community.

We should strive to move from awareness, and towards acceptance, to embrace diversity and inclusion.


Recognize that autism is a spectrum and can present in many different ways. Communication styles, sensory needs, and approaches to daily tasks can vary.

When autistic individuals self-advocate or disclose their diagnosis, it’s important to understand their unique needs and experiences. Here are some supportive strategies:

  • Learn: Take the time to learn about autism and how it can present differently in individuals. Seek out reputable sources of information and listen to the perspectives of autistic individuals.
  • Listen: Listen to the individual and work towards understanding their needs.
  • Support: This might include modifying your communication style, providing sensory accommodations, or offering a safe space.

What can you do?

Autistic individuals can have different sensory experiences.

It’s important to be aware of these sensory differences and provide support in creating accessible and inclusive environments. Here are some inclusive strategies:

  • Communicate: Have a conversation with the individual or their caregivers about their sensory experiences and how you can support them.
  • Create a sensory-friendly environment: If possible, create an environment that is more conducive to the individual's sensory needs. This might include reducing noise levels, dimming lights, or providing a quiet space for individuals to take a break.

Keep learning!

The Geneva Centre for Autism offers assessments, therapy, and support to those with ASD and their families. Our team of experts can provide valuable information and resources to help navigate the challenges of ASD. Whether seeking clinical services or information, the Geneva Centre can be a valuable resource.