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Practical Applications of Applied Behaviour Analysis in the Classroom

Day One: August 25 2016 - Concurrent Session 1

Andrew Davis
Geneva Centre Training Institute
English Session
Adriana Karka
Geneva Centre Training Institute
French Session

This full day session will provide an overview of how the principles of ABA are applied in the school setting. Educators will develop skills in objectively defining behaviours and identifying their function(s) as well as learning how ABA is used to teach new skills and support daily transitions. Through a multi-media presentation combining lecture, facilitated group discussions, case studies, interactive activities and the sharing of current research and technological resources, educators will come away with new knowledge about applying these principles in their everyday work with their students.

Who should attend?
This intermediate training session is for educators with some experience working with students with ASD and/or knowledge of ASD.

This session will also be available in French.

  • "This was an incredibly valuable 'aha!' learning experience for both myself, and for our entire staff. This has changed the way I will think about and teach students with ASD forever. You've inspired me."