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About Summer Training Institute


The Summer Training Institute of Geneva Centre for Autism is a three-day training event held every year designed with specific theme based on current Autism research and best practices. Over the years, the Summer Training Institute has evolved to respond to the increasing needs of integrating individuals with an ASD in their communities. Along with recognizing the importance of early intervention is the critical role of education for individuals with an ASD and the people that work with them to be successful in school and in community settings.

In recent years, most of the Summer Training Institute's program has focused on the classroom. While this is true, all of the assessment tools, teaching strategies and implementation plans are also applicable to home and community settings. Techniques discussed are effective for individuals of all ages and across the Autism Spectrum including those with Asperger Syndrome.

In 2007, Ontario's Ministry of Education selected Geneva Centre for Autism's Summer Training Institute to develop training programs that will support its capacity-building initiatives to ensure successful outcomes for students with an ASD and related challenges.

Ontario’s Ministry of Education’s partnership with Geneva Centre for Autism resulted in the following outcomes:

  1. In 2007, with the introduction of PPM 140, the training initiative created a momentum for Ontario to push for province-wide effort to implement PPM 140 by introducing the implementation guidelines and the Ministry’s expectations around school boards’ compliance at the 2007 Summer Training Institute.
  2. To date, the Ministry of Education continues to invest in the annual Summer Training Institute to complement other initiatives in place to sustain ongoing support to publicly funded school boards and authorities in the implementation of PPM 140.
  3. From 2007 to 2012, more than 8,500 school board personnel utilized publicly funded spots in the annual Summer Training Institute. They included teachers, teachers’ assistants, principals, resource teachers and administrators.
  4. The Summer Training Institute consistently receives overwhelmingly positive feedback from its participants. In 2012, Summer Training garnered the following feedback from participants:
  • "Fabulous facilitator! Excellent conference. I will come back next year and encourage others to attend!"
  • "I would have gone in blind this year if I hadn't come for these 2 days. I'm very grateful."
  • "This is exactly what I was looking for."
  • "The days flew by... a sign of a great presenter! Perfect balance of information, clips, personal stories and activities! Very informative for a wide range of individuals."