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Steps For Success: Coaching

Counselling and CoachingThe program offers individual counselling or coaching to program participants who require this support in order to achieve their individual goals regarding post-secondary education, volunteer work, paid employment and/or leisure activities.

For example, some participants might benefit from vocational or career counselling in order to help them to identify their employment-related skills, interests and goals. Some participants might require individual counselling or coaching in order to successfully manage their anxiety or to further develop their stress management skills.

Depending on a participant’s unique needs, the program could provide these flexible and responsive counselling services for a wide range of clinical issues which might impact that person’s ability to achieve his/her goals.
  • Thank you to the following Organizations and Foundations that have helped fund our Adult Services and new Pathways.

    Autism SpeaksbmoequigenesisThe Trillium FoundationUnityThe Counselling Foundation of CanadaHarry E. Foster FoundationState StreetLloyd Carr-Harris Foundation