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Steps For Success: Social Club Group Services

Group Services The Steps for Success Program offers various social clubs.These informal groups offer participants the opportunity to:

  1. Socialize with peers
  2. Access social support
  3. Participate in leisure activities.
The groups meet at regular intervals on an on-going basis.

Steps For Success: Coaching

Counselling and CoachingThe program offers individual counselling or coaching to program participants who require this support in order to achieve their individual goals regarding post-secondary education, volunteer work, paid employment and/or leisure activities.

For example, some participants might benefit from vocational or career counselling in order to help them to identify their employment-related skills, interests and goals. Some participants might require individual counselling or coaching in order to successfully manage their anxiety or to further develop their stress management skills.

Depending on a participant’s unique needs, the program could provide these flexible and responsive counselling services for a wide range of clinical issues which might impact that person’s ability to achieve his/her goals.

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