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Choice Boards

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Download the blank Choice Boards (3 options, 6 options, 9 options)

choice board with photographschoice board with flyer pictureschoice board with board maker pictureschoice board with board maker pictures


  • A visual tool with two or more possible choices for an individual. These choices may be expressed in pictures, photographs, symbols or written text . With a choice board the individual has time to see all the possibilities, has time to think about the decisions and has time to check the options as often as needed, before making a decision.
  • The primary purpose of a choice board is to present a visual display of options. It is a strategy that will aid or support the comprehension of the auditory message and choice situation by providing additional visual information that will still be available after the spoken message is gone
  • Determine what and how many choices will be placed on the board (if introducing for the first time limit the number of choices and then gradually add choices once individual has had success)
  • Ensure that the individual understands what the visual actually represents and teach this first if necessary
  • Print photos, pictures, symbols or written text that represent each choice. It is recommended that a written text label be included with any pictures, photos or symbols
  • Samples of choice boards are available to be downloaded from
  • Be aware that some individuals may need to have a more random presentation of choices (eg. scattered on a table) or they may select the first item in the first row of the choice board