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PDP Meeting Invite Sample

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An Invitation to ___________________________ Person-Directed Planning Meeting.

Person Directed Planning is planning in which the individual for whom the plan is being developed is the central person in determining what makes up the plan. The plan is based on the gifts, strengths and desires of the individual. One focus is on building freely given relationships with individuals who can be connectors to the community to ensure that the person is living a good life contributing to his/her community.

Gathering a group of people who care about a person to assist in planning with an individual, offers an opportunity to create an ongoing, intentional circle of support/network that can help implement the plan over the long term. When we discussed who to invite to the initial planning meeting your name was mentioned as someone whose participation in the planning meeting would be very valuable.

We are inviting you to attend the first planning meeting to participate in the process. We feel you have information to contribute to the planning process, but attending does not commit you to ongoing involvement, unless you chose to stay involved in creating a support network.

The first meeting will be held __________________________ at _________________________.

Please let us know if you will be able to attend by contacting _____________________________.