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Books for Kids

  • Andy and his Yellow Frisbee
    Author:  M. Thompson
    (Bethesda:  Woodbine House Inc., 1996)

  • Asperger’s Huh?  A Child’s Perspective
    Author:  R. Schnurr and J. Strachan
    (Canada:  Anisor Publishing, 1999)

  • Blue Bottle Mystery:  An Asperger’s Adventure
    Author:  K.  Hoopmann
    (Philadelphia:  Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2001)

  • Captain Tommy
    Author:  A. B. Messner
    (Stratham:  Potential Unlimited Publishing, 1996)

  • Ian’s Walk:  A Story about Autism
    Author:  L. Lears
    (Morton Grove:  Albert Whitman & Company, 1998)

  • Joey and Sam
    Author:  I. Katz and E. Ritvo
    (Northridge:  Real Life Storybooks, 1993)

  • Little Rainman:  Through the Eyes of a Child
    Author:  K. L. Simmons
    (USA:  Future Horizons Inc., 1996)

  • Mori’s Story:  A Book about a Boy with Autism  (Meeting the Challenge)
    Author:  Z. Gartenberg
    (Minneapolis:  Lerner Publications, 1998)

  • Of Mice and Aliens:  An Asperger’s Adventure
    Author:  K. Hoopmann
    (Philadelphia:  Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2001)

  • This is Asperger’s Syndrome
    Author:  B. Smith Myles and E. Gagnon
    (Shawnee Mission:  AAPC, 1999)

  • When My Autism Gets Too Big:  A Relaxation Book for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Author:  K. Dunn Buron
    (Shawnee Mission:  AAPC, 2003)

*Note to Parents: The books listed here are available through the book lending library. For more information please contact reception on 416-322-7877 ext. 0.