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Geneva Centre Lending Library Books and Videos

The great benefit of being a Supporting Member of Geneva Centre for Autism is access to the Lending System of the Centre's great collection of books and DVDs. The Centre is very pleased to announce that it has launched its new electronic lending library system. All materials are catalogued online. The new system allows our supporting members to search for and reserve books and DVDs online. It also contains an expanded listing of new books and DVDs.

Search our extensive collection by clicking on GCA's Online Library System. Materials designated as "lending" can be reserved online and picked up at the Centre's front desk. Returns also go to the front desk. This can be done by booking appointments during office hours, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Fridayy.

Up to three items may be borrowed at one time, for two weeks.

For more details please call Geneva Centre for Autism at 416 322 7877 and ask for Lending Library information.