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Darcy's Story

DarcyA man of many interests!
Darcy Gilliand loves his regular work placement at Fort York Food Bank where he carries out jobs such as stocking boxes with food and making deliveries to the storage room.  Over the years he has developed an immense love of pop music with a long list of all time favourite artists ranging from Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and David Bowie to The Police and REM. As well as playing guitar and piano, and taking part in recreational activities such as swimming and biking, Darcy is a vexiologist – ‘In other words, someone who studies and collects flags of the world!’ explains Darcy.

Accessing Adult Services
Since first attending Geneva Centre for Autism as a child, Darcy Gilliland has witnessed first hand the incredible growth of the Centre and has participated in a wide range of the services on offer.

Today, over twenty years later, Darcy continues to access services at the Centre and is now a regular at the Evening Social Group, held every other week. Session activities vary from planning trips out to restaurants or the bowling alley. Many of the regulars at the Evening Social Group, including Darcy, also attend the ‘Movie Night’ held at the centre eight times a year where a recent feature film is aired.

Building for the future
Geneva Centre for Autism’s adult services provide a great opportunity for Darcy to meet up with old friends and a welcome break after a day spent working on an assignment or at the Food Bank. However, there is still one thing missing that Darcy feels would really improve the experience of coming to Geneva Centre for Autism for him and his friends– a place of their own. That’s why Darcy is so pleased about the new Adult Services Building.

‘Everyone is really excited to have somewhere just for the adults with different rooms for all of our activities and meetings.

‘I’m looking forward to having our own recreation room where I can meet with my friends in a grown-up, adult environment. Our next on-site meeting for the social group is going to be held there. The whole place will feel like it really belongs to us. I can’t wait.’