Personal Experiences of Kids with ASD

What autism is all about…Suddenly things happen when you don't expect them. You might be get carried away with it (autism) without knowing it.  It makes life hard.  Sometimes I don't know what I am doing even if I listened to anybody (like my friends, teachers or parents).  Life is difficult with autism.  Hard things can happen when there is no hint.  I have a confusing life with autism. (Stephen, age 8) Autism is like a little thing.  It is not like a toy or something like that.  It means some disorientations at some times and a bit of specific likes and dislikes.  It is hard to understand for me because it is just like a little seed, and when that seed grows it feels more confusing to me.  I can't really explain this feeling, but that is okay…  (Scott, age 9)