What is an ASD? An Overview for Kids

"Autism is a developmental disability. Children with autism have a problem with part of their brain. That means, children with autism develop skills differently than most other children.

Children with autism may also have a different way of seeing, hearing, or feeling things. Like when you have gloves on in the winter and you try to pick up your pencil. It may be a little harder to pick up, but it feels slightly different than if you didn’t have gloves on.

Children with autism may have difficulty communicating. Some children with autism cannot speak, so they may learn to use computers or a board with pictures on it to tell people what they want or how they feel.

People are born with autism and will have it all their lives. But, they can learn and grow up to have jobs just like other kids.

Having autism is like living in a foreign country where you don’t know the language or like trying to learn the rules of a very difficult game.”

From: Autism Society of America Autism Society of America. Autism: Information Written for Kids Only. Author: Maryland, Bethesda.