Welcome to Group & Transition Services

We offer a wide variety of recreational, skill building and transitional programming throughout the year to provide participants with the opportunity to develop social interaction and leisure skills.

We are thrilled to be introducing new programs in addition to all of our previous program offerings including Respite, Social Skills & The Zone. Check out The Kids Zone (ages 2-5) & Pre-Teen (ages 6-12) programs we are offering below! To be eligible to attend the Group & Transition Programs, the participant must:

Learn more about our specialty programs for all ages!

Geneva Centre for Autism is also a member of the Respite Network, a community-wide respite network, facilitated by respiteservices.com. respiteservices.com is now being hosted at 37 communities in Ontario. To find out what respite options are available in your area, please visit respiteservices.com.