Preschool Behaviour Communication Services

reading with a friendThe team is comprised of speech language pathologists, behaviour communication consultants, social workers and occupational therapists.

The Preschool Behaviour Communication Program (PBCS) is a multidisciplinary service offered in partnership with Toronto Preschool Speech and Language Services. The program is guided by an empowerment oriented approach where the family is the centre of intervention planning and implementation.

Built on developmental principles, the program emphasizes play as a critical medium through which social, emotional, communicative and cognitive development can be facilitated. Functional communication, independent play skills, social skills and daily living skills are emphasized.

Individual Family Intervention
Following a multi-disciplinary evaluation, an individualized intervention plan is developed with the family outlining specific goals regarding play, communication, behaviour management, and social skills.

Parents are provided with modelling and instruction to enhance their capacity to teach specific communicative, play, social skills, daily living skills and to manage their child’s behaviour. Parents are coached to use the intervention strategies to ensure targeted skills are taught in natural contexts such as home, child care centre or in the community so that learning and development can occur throughout the child’s daily environments.

Parents are provided with training on techniques that are specific to their child’s needs to improve their child’s communication. When appropriate, augmentative communication systems such as Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) are introduced. Parents are provided with training on how to use visual aids to increase their child’s comprehension, assist with transitions, encourage their child to make choices and increase their child’s independence

Child Care Consultation
At the family's request, limited consultations can be provided in a child care centre. The PBCS Team meets with individuals working with the child at the child care centre to share information and to coordinate a model of service delivery with the staff. Services can include observing the child in the child care centre, consulting to the staff regarding these observations, suggesting intervention strategies, and staff coaching. The PBCS Team can also provide information to the daycare staff as needed to assist in their understanding and implementation of suggested strategies.  

Individual Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) Consultations
During these individual meetings, the SLP discusses with the family concerns affecting their child’s communication development. Areas which can be addressed include (but are not limited to) receptive and expressive language skills, augmentative communication systems (as deemed appropriate), articulation, and reading comprehension.

Clinics are focused on partnering with the family to target specific communication goals in their home and community.

Individual Behaviour Consultations (BC)
The role of the BC is to support the SLP with the child’s speech and language goals; while identifying any behaviour concerns that may impede on their ability to attain these goals.  The BC further supports the parents/caregiver to identify specific behaviours using data collection tools to implement an effective behaviour management plan. During these consultations, parents/caregivers are coached using a mediator model to build their confidence and enhance their ability to put these strategies into practice.  
Parents are provided with: