Steps For Success: One-to-One Support in the Community

One-to-One Support in the CommunityThe Steps For Success Program offers one-to-one supports to young adults with an ASD in order to facilitate their ability to explore or participate in community-based activities. For example, a program participant may be able to access one-to-one support from a job coach in different work settings in order to explore their work skills and interests. After a person is placed into a permanent paid or volunteer job, the job coach could provide one-to-one support in order to enable that person to learn their new job and to feel comfortable and confident in the new work setting. Similarly, the program offers individualized support in the community as required in order to enable participants to explore and/or participate in post-secondary education and/or leisure activities.

For each program participant who accesses these one-to-one supports, the staff from Geneva Centre for Autism would negotiate an individualized service plan based on the unique goals and interests of that person. On average, eligible participants will be able to access approximately 7 hours of one-to-one support during each week of the program; however, the amount of support that a participant accesses from the program might change from week to week based on their individual support needs at any given time.