Can I purchase services at Geneva Centre for Autism?

The majority of programs and services at Geneva Centre for Autism are provided to clients at no cost, because they are funded by the provincial government and cannot be purchased. There are, however, certain services that people may purchase from the Centre:

Workshops and consultations through our Training Institute are provided on a fee-for-service basis to educators, other professionals, families and anyone with an interest in ASD. All of our services are provided at reasonable registration rates.

Also, for those programs for which Geneva Centre for Autism does not receive any government funding, families are often required to contribute a portion of the cost. We strive to subsidize these costs as much as possible through fundraised dollars.

We also offer a variety of fee-based services. Option Services delivers a number of fee-based services including consultation and parent coaching, intensive skill-building services, Occupational therapy and Speech and Language assessments, and visual aid design, among others. Costs depend on the service selected, the length and intensity of the chosen services.