Young Carers Sibling Group


The Young Carers Program is partnering with the Geneva Centre for Autism to offer a free 6 week program called Young Carers SIBS.

A Young Carer is a child or youth who is in a caregiving role for a family member due to an illness or disability. In this case siblings who are helping care for their brother or sister with autism. Sometimes  it’s hard to see the impact a young carer may feel. Sometimes they worry a lot about their sibling, or have trouble talking about their feelings, or making time for friends and play. Sometimes the biggest difference can be just meeting other kids who “get it”!  At the SIBS program we will be doing lots of fun activities that are all about being a SIB! We’ll be doing group games and problem solving challenges, expressing our artistic side, and learning more about our important role. You’ll get tips from other kids just like you who have a sibling with autism, and learn how to be the healthiest happiest you!

Please refer to the Parent Training Calendar for current information on Support Groups.