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Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team

Board of Directors

Abe Evreniadis, President
Alex Feness, Vice President
Christian Gingras, Secretary/Treasurer
Roger Nainby, Past President
Leon Dadoun
Marco Filice
Sandra Fraser
Brenda Hogan
James Kelsey
Bob Langlois
John MacDonald
Hershel Sahian

Executive Leadership Team

Debbie Irish, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer
Jim Gilmour, Chief Financial Officer
Wayne Edwards, Director, Human Resources

Professional Advisory Council

Since 1998, Geneva Centre for Autism has benefited from an affiliation with a Professional Advisory Council of published leaders in the autism field. These prominent individuals act as sources of information and influence for the Centre, helping to keep us up-to-date and on the cutting edge of worldwide developments in the field of autism.

As well, the Council advises the Centre in the areas of policy, procedures and intervention practices, and widely endorses the work of the Centre. Most members also offer consulting services or conduct workshops for the Centre.