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Stepping Stones Café – Culinary Program, Pathways of Extended Learning

Download the Stepping Stones Café Application Form

Geneva Centre for Autism is pleased to announce the launch of the Stepping Stones Café Culinary Arts Program, part of our Pathways of Extended Learning. This new initiative will empower individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorder to participate more fully in their communities by acquiring hands-on skills working in an operational Café, combined with classroom instruction.

This 6-month program will offer successful applicants the opportunity to gain a number of Café specific skills such as food preparation and handling, menu planning, safety, equipment use, and cashier skills. General workplace skills will also be taught including time management, purchasing and inventory control, communication skills, and customer relations. Post-program support in acquiring and maintaining employment is also offered as part of the comprehensive curriculum.

Working with partner organizations JVS Toronto, Humber College, Brock University, and George Brown College - this Culinary Program has been designed to ensure learning and support throughout the experience. The curriculum has been collaboratively developed, on-site support will be offered from Community Options Facilitators, ABA Vocational Coaches, and Culinary Arts Placement Students. An opportunity exists for 2 program participants to attend Culinary Arts classes at Humber College as part of the cost of this program.

The Stepping Stones Café – Culinary Program is a fee based service, and successful applicants will be required to pay $3,000 for this 16 weeks program.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Individuals between 18 – 29 years of age
  • Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Communicates verbally or effectively uses a functional communication system
  • Moderate to low support needs
  • Individual has goals for employment or postsecondary Education in Culinary/Hospitality arts