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Toronto Welcomes International Short Break Association Respite Conference

Toronto Welcomes International Short Break Association Respite Conference

Geneva Centre is happy to announce that we are a proud sponsor of the International Short Break Association Conference. The ISBA Respite Conference travels to different countries around the world every two years to host this incredible event. We are thrilled that it will be coming to Toronto in October 2012.
Short Break care, known more as respite care in Canada and the United States, is a critical element of support for families who are caring for individuals with disabilities or ongoing disabling conditions.

The theme of the conference therefore, is “Respite is Key”. We will spend time focusing on four themes:

  • Opening the Door to the Community: Respite/short break care as a means to assisting people to have an opportunity to have a full life in the community.
  • The Key to Strengthening Families: Models for flexible, individualized respite/short break programs around the world, research and family input.
  • Unlocking Resources: How are countries managing to provide resources in times of economic restraints, how do families manage with limited resources and how do we combine paid and natural supports.
  • Treasures Found: The goal with respite /short break care is to focus on developing relationships- how do we encourage this, how do we ensure the right people are in place, how do we minimize risk.

This is the only conference that has the sole focus on short breaks/respite with an international focus and participation from around the globe. The International Short Break Association has invited government representatives from the federal and provincial levels to attend. We expect that professionals working in agencies that deliver respite care, health and social service professionals, policy makers, educators and families will come together to share information about leading practices and models of short break/respite care throughout the world. The focus will be on caring for all ages – children, teens, adults, and seniors.

The ISBA conference will be taking place at Le Méridien King Edward in Toronto from October 10th-12th 2012. Registration is open and spaces are filling up! You can check out all the details regarding speakers, sessions, program highlights, vendor, exhibitor & sponsorship opportunities for the respite conference by visiting www.isba2012.net