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Vote for GCA in the MLSE Team Up Foundation grant contest!

MLSE Team Up Foundation is running a contest where they will grant 4 special charities $50,000 to support sports and recreational based programs for youth.

There are 71 other organizations in the running, and we need your help today and EVERY day until February 20th! Every year, Geneva Centre helps families with children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder partake in the fun Sportball program as a part of our Social Skills Program. Winning this grant would mean more families benefit from this amazing program.


Children with Autism often have a very difficult time engaging in any sort of athletic endeavor. Not only are the social skills needed to take part in recreation so overwhelming that a child cannot succeed with their peers but they often also have motor challenges. This results in a group of children who are systematically left out of most recreation programs.

Why GCA?
In 2004 we piloted our first sport based social skill building program. The Sport Social Skill Building program combines sports instruction from Sportball counselors with social skill training by Geneva Centre for Autism staff, so that the program will offer a fun and athletic environment for children, while teaching them the social skills they so greatly require. Through this partnership with Sportball we can provide a safe and educational recreational fitness program.

How it helps?
Over 65% of our past participants are now participating in a community program without the support of GCA Social Skills staff. This transition to community based group is a testament to the integration skill-building that happens at our sports program demonstrating our mission and vision.

What could $50 000 do?
This amount of money would fund our programs for an entire year and allow us to buy much needed equipment which would enable us to introduce new types of sports and skills into the curriculum.

Here’s what we need you to do!

  • Visit the link below today – and everyday – until February 20th and vote for GCA!
  • Share this information with your family, friends, contacts, and colleagues in an effort to drum up support!
  • Share the information on your Facebook and Twitter Accounts
  • Keep your fingers firmly crossed!

Help make a difference in the lives of the families we serve – and vote for GCA in the MLSE Team Up Foundation grant contest!

The link to vote at and share: